Thanks to PYR

I feel like it is my birthday today. It is strange but to some extent, I am right at feeling so. Last year this day proved to be the birth of me in social media along with the social life. Yes a year back I met one of the best team I have ever worked with. I am talking about PYR the team that gave me a platform to do some work in the real world as well as by then I was only active at cyber world with my own blog my land Pakistan. Being nominated as the official blogger of PYR by Farhan bhai was like an honor to me.
This was the day when actually I started to get comments on my blog posts. We all know that comments for blogger are just like wah wah for a poet. My views became more constructive and ranting against the stupid politicians was no more my favorite hobby. This was the love for the team that took me all the way to Karachi after a road journey of near 21 hours. Well, many people think that I was there for blog awards, they are also right to some extent but many people know that how sudden this whole trip was planned and I went there to meet the Karachi friends and PYR fellows like Sarfraz sir, Abdul Hameed Kath sir, Beenish Api, Ayesha Api, Sabir Khalid, the Hashmi Brothers (Shoaib and Ibrahim), and one of my best buddies Mani. Well I know I might be missing some names and please forgive me for that.
Today it has been one-year life has taken me all the way away from my friends and my team. However, I am still part of it and will continue to work with and for them whatever the capacity I able to work in. I planned to write this one on My Land Pakistan, but because of some critics 😛 who think that I write too personal blogs there I changed my plan (I do not care about such critics and Free Advisors though) but still my love and respect for the team is not dependent the place where I am putting it. Today I am missing all of my team mates specially Farhan bhai, Hassan Talal, Talal Masood, Soban, Ali Awais, Amna Usmani, Imran Bukhari, Sana Arif, Shoaib Arif, and all those who have somehow been part of the team. In addition, I thank all of you guys for helping me to be what I am today in blogosphere and social media.


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2 responses to “Thanks to PYR

  1. Aab Rulaoo Gey Kya :)Best of luck for your future man. I believe, the best part of meeting you is that you are the best yourself. The one who is actually good is you which made others think good and positive about you.

  2. Awesome – !!! Happy Birthday

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