Those who Met on the Way… Taalz

Those who met on the way I series that I started to write a year back for showing my gratitude to the people whom I met during my life in the social media and my journey to become an icon. I published one or two posts of the series and many are still in draft, fully written, or waiting for right time to go up.
When last year I was making my place in social media, I saw many green pictures on facebook and twitter (for a change I was on twitter before I was on facebook). I had no idea what is this all about so I make my DP myself and it was green and different from others. Till date, I green my DP myself. Soon I got to know about this whole campaign and finally got chance to meet the person who greened nostrils of the people on cyberspace in go green campaign.

Talal Masood aka taalz, that is the one I am talking about. A good at heart person who is there to do something for Pakistan in whatever capacity he can. After going through a series of tragedies today, he is far more mature. Along with all these good things, he is also good within his job. Today he is working for a top software house along with his own company.
Stay focused, keep trying, and never losing faith is the formula that I learned from him. If you want to catch him on cyberspace follow his tweets at @taalz, like him on facebook, and follow his website and blog.
P.S. By the time, I am posting it there is a competition going on Talal’s Facebook fan/like page. Be the most active fan and win some exciting prices. I am trying my luck as well 😛

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