han main foji hoon

Ever since I have moved here in UK, I am facing the stream of change. The change from the place I used to live to the kind of cloths I used to wear, from the kind of behavior people expect to the kind of education system I am enjoying here. But still there are few things quite funny and some are complicated enough that can make any one confused. I was told that whoever comes here is called FOJI (Soldier). In deeper sense, it means a social vehicle or an ingrate who is in a training academy to become commissioned officers.
So far, there have been so many changes in me and still many things need to be work on. My uncle says that it is hard for me to get promotion and gain higher rank in this foji thing. I am foji somehow, I am proud to be called foji. I could not join Pak Army so this tag somehow creates some old music in my heart.
The kind of drastic change and ideological revolution being expected from me and many around me is a task and assignment of a kind. The way my views are being forced to be changed is very not getting into the simple process of thinking I have. Have I supposed to go against, my knowledge and views that I am taking with me since my childhood. If getting higher rank in a social life will result for me to surrender my views is not a fair deal for me and I feel like going somewhere and scream live… han main foji hoon (yes I am soldier) and I am not ashamed of it.

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  1. AB ap bhi dialog bola karoMy name is foji and am not tharki..

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