Allah Hafiz My Land Pakistan

I am going, leaving the city that I was in love with and the country that is everything to me. The cause is to get something big, yes going to complete my masters. MSC marketing that is the name of my new mission. It is quite strange that one is always in a situation where one has to choose between two loves.
There is nothing and I mean nothing that can define my love towards Pakistan but I am still leaving it for my other love Marketing and branding. It doesn’t mean that I am in love with marketing more then Pakistan however I am going to gain my love to use it create some good for my old love.
Best wishes, prayers, timely annoyed faces, and the big responsibility is in my baggage. This last one year has been challenging and the best year of my life, I passed out Punjab University, got my first job and now going for higher studies. At times, I still find it strange and unreal but just to inform me I keep saying it is you have played well in home now you have to do the same or even better in away.
I do not know when last time I have been so philosophic that I am right now, sitting in a place that distribute people to their destination. I am sitting, waiting, and thinking about the coming one-year and a half. Every day is a new challenge and every day I have to be a champion. I need to aim high to be the knight of champions. I am not excited… Trust me I am not, because whenever I try to be happy and excited the pain of separation from my land, my home, and my people make me sad.
Have I become selfish? That is the question I ask myself. I bereaved the answer I get is not hollow… I do the same what my inner soul replies to the question. I am not selfish and I have to prove it…
Now feeling sleepy as a long journey ahead and my flight is waiting for me across the gate number 28 of Lahore airport. I am Rai Azlan leaving now 15th October 2010 my last few minutes here in my land… Allah Hafiz every one Allah Hafiz my land Pakistan.
(And this last line does not mean that My Land Pakistan blog is over. it will remain as active as it has always been and trust me my voice on social and political issues is going to be louder… Watch out)


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