i am sorry for not meeting you guys :(

I am extremely sorry that I could not meet all the people I wanted to meet before leaving. These past ten days have the fastest days of my life, as I do not know how many hours I slept in these ten days as I was on my toes most of the times. I really wanted to meet many people some invited me and some asked me to arrange a meet up. However, moving from one place to the other is so much hectic that I could not keep the promise if I ever made any.

PYR team I beg your pardon. I love you people so much that I can never forget you, as you are the reason that I am known person today. I tried my best but the meet up remain impossible for me. I hope you people going to forgive me, and I promise whenever I am back there will be a reunion.
My ufone fellows, my university fellow, school and college friends deserve an official apology from me. Please forgive me people that were not in my hand at all.
I want you to forgive me for whatever I did, pray for me and wish me luck so that I do something good for me and for my country as well.
I could not call or Text you people as my phone was crashed and I lost my virtual memory: P. please stay in touch and email me your numbers so that I can keep the conection on.
If anyone still do not have my contact details than please find them below.


Twitter: @Rai_Azlan

And my favorite brain child:


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  1. Best of luck and keep updating! 🙂

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