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Last Thursday I filed my visa application, yes I have planned to go to UK for my masters. It took me a year almost to do the entire required job. It all started with Passing IELTS test, then getting admission in the University, and the final step applying for the Visa. It has been an experience of lifetime in last one year as I got chance to do so many things that I never thought that I will get into. Today I have one-year experience of all the things I have done in past one year.
The reason behind writing these lines is the impression I had last Thursday. This Thursday has been one of the most memorable days of my life. Right from 8:20 am, the time I reached and get into the queue, until 12:00 pm the time I left the building I was in a strange environment. An environment where there was paper work was required and many other things were involved but still there was no fuss and everything was well managed and disciplined.

Every step and every aspect was covered well and complete guidance was provided. Yes, I am impressed by the way; the officers at the UK Border Agency treated me. I was conscious or you can say nervous before going there, as I thought that there must be a lot of unprofessional conduct as I faced at the time of getting my CNIC, issuance of my Passport, and getting my driving license. However, the discipline I experienced there changed my views about office work.
Things can be managed and done with great ease and efficiency when there is a flavor of discipline in the work process. We always try to find the easy way to get our job done but we never follow the simple rule of discipline, we cannot be disciplined unless we want to. In addition, this process starts with the will and it is a change, which requires strict implementation from all the ends. Why we act so disciplined at places like UK Border Agency, just because of the discipline that is implemented and be practiced there by the officers, and that make us act in a fairly decent way.
I have no shame in confessing that I m extremely impressed by the agency, but it does not mean that I am criticizing my own country and people of my land. However, what I am doing is to remind, every one to whom my voice i reaching, the last part of the advice-oriented message that Quaid e Azam gave us by saying “Unity, Faith, and Discipline” we need to grab all of them but discipline should be the beginning factor to follow in my own views we will ultimately start to follow the other two as well.

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