Ashfaq Ahmed likhtay hain

“Rome m mera trafic chalan hua. Masrofiat k ba’is chalaan fee time pe adaa na kr saka. Court jana para. Judge k samnay paish hua toh us nay wajah poochi, mai ne btaya K professor hoon, busy aisa raha K waqt na mila,
is se pehle K mai baat mukammal karta sab log kharay ho gaey or mujh se muafi mang kr chalaan cancel kr dia. Us roz mai us Qaum ki taraqqi ka raaz jaan gaya”


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2 responses to “Ashfaq Ahmed likhtay hain

  1. What a great place. I would love to be there. I am a professor. I will relate my experience in Karachi. I took a turn at the corner of Shaheen Complex i was coming from stock exchange. Evedently I had broken a traffic signal the police man stopped me and he was writing of chalan. Three angry young men from the American Express descended on him and foreced him to cancel the chalan. They said how dare you chalan of professor.

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