Tea House

Today as it was holyday, therefore a small meet up of friends was taking place at the Tea House of the Colony. This meet up was not of a kind that one presumes while the name of tea house is tagged to it, there was no scholar, intellectual, or writer there were only educated, and people with deep thoughts. I joined this meet up with some special agenda as I have some personal work that I wanted to be done. Everyone was busy in talking and discussing the ongoing political situation of the country.

Mansoor was reading the headlines of the news paper in loud voice so that everyone can hear it. He said, “Hay listen what our respectable politician says that the silent revolution is getting ready among the poor of this country”. Azeem who was sleeping by now asked, “Huh what will happen then?” Nassir replied rather than Mansoor, he said that I am sure this isolated brigade of poor will rise and horrify every rich and create damage to the unconquerable fortress like houses of so called rich. That will be a new chapter in our history as this silent revolution will turn into a revolution that demands blood.
“May Allah save this country from all the evils and problems”, were my words to break my silence. Azeem asked Mansoor, “What else this great leader said?” Mansoor put the paper on a side and said, “What else he will say, they do not have enough time to think about the people”. Someone from the corner said that leave these glittering statements, the fact is that the fate of poor never going to be changed. We love to keep quite at everything that bounces on us, the graph of prices is rising every minute, and still we are waiting for something to happen that motivate us to fight for our right.
That man was very emotional and made me to think that a person of normal capabilities and having nominal education has the vision of an intellectual. These are the people who love the soil of this country. As a nation we rant but never try to correct ourselves. In the mean while Mansoor gave words to my thoughts as he said, “whatever you say but God never helps those who do not want and try to better themselves. We must have unity in our groups; the whole issue is with the law and justice. If there is justice in the society only than all the evil will end.”
Whatever Mansoor said was right and I was nodding my head as I agreed with whatever he said. Beep, cell phone of Nassir created a sound and he moved to a corner to attend the call. I stood up and tried to gain the attention of every one as I was about to share my problem. I looked around and started to speak, “I am here to request every one. I need your cooperation and moral support. I am having a problem, which is a common problem of every one present over here.” I stopped for a while and then moved to the real subject, “my telephone is out of order for last 6 months. It works fine for a day or two and then again gets spoiled for a whole month. However, bill reaches my door step regularly. I have asked line man many times, but he vanishes after receiving tip. I request you all to sign my application and go with me to the telephone office so that we can directly hand it over to the concerns. Will you people join me tomorrow after Zohar Prayer to go to the telephone office….?” I was looking at the faces of the people to know there reply, and everyone was looking around as if they were not listening to what I said.
Then Azeem moved forward and said, “Buddy you better go and submit your application first, I will go with you some other day. For now I have to reach home as my sister and her family is coming to my place. I was out here to buy some grocery and stuck over here.” He left the tea house after uttering these words. I looked and Mansoor but before I could say anything he apologized and said, “I am sorry buddy, I do not have any day off other then Sunday, and more on that I have great work load now days I can’t take a single leave otherwise I could have joined you”.
Well in few minutes the whole tea house was empty as people left it one after the other. I was standing there and thinking that Nassir was saying right, “we do not practice what we preach”. While on my way back home I was thinking that we love to have a crowded meeting and blame the government and system for everything, but our words do not carry any weight as they are not backed by the actual work. I was very disappointed when I left the Tea House but I am not disappointed of my Nation.
(Translated version of  a story that Publsed in some recent Sunday Magazine)

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  1. really yr we alway blame our govt for their wrong deeds, but dnt like to correct our own behavior…

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