my favorite Pakistani songs

Now a days there are many serious things to write about but I am in a mood to not to be serious. May be I want to enjoy the peace which is left somewhere in me. My week end is almost over by now but rest of the world going to enjoy it so I want to end my weekend on musical note and share some of my favorites Pakistani songs so that all of you reading this can experience and enjoy some of my favorite music.
So starting with Shehki, yeah he is famous with that name. Walking on a beach and singing that everywhere whatever he finds it is somehow related to some particular person.

All those who do not like Pakistani film music please get a side because the all next songs are going to be film music. First one is from the movie Anjuman voice is Roona Laila and its featuring Chocolaty hero Waheed Murad and Rani.

Next one is from film “Mushkil” released back in 1995. I like this song because of many reasons as in, it is melodious and it is sung by Tehseen Javaid whom is according to me one of the most underrated singers who ever used voice in Pakistani music.

Next one is from film “Yeh dill apka hua”, I accept that the voice is Sonu Nigam and Kavita Krishnmoorti but still to the best of my knowledge composition and lyrics are made in Pakistan. Well it was a nice movie with good songs and it actually did very well.

Where was this charming face before why I never saw it ever before. That’s what next song in the list says film was “Intiha” released in 1998.

Another filmi song right ahead movie is “Ghar Kab aao Gay” released in 2000 I guess. That was a nice action movie which has atleast some sense that what action actually is. The song was also copied in one Indian film unfortunately I do not remember the copy cat.

Now the next one is from the film “Mujhy Chand Chahiye” I never saw that film but I am very fond of two songs of this film. On is mentioned below and the other one is controvercial “Dekha jo Chehra Tera…”

Another old one is coming ahead from one of the biggest hit film of Pakistani film History “Aina”. The voice is Naiyra noor is it one of those songs that I enjoy to listen to whenever it strikes my listening capacity.

I can’t control myself from getting black and white so out of habit here is one gold song.

Okay I think it’s enough of filmi music for now so here are some pop songs starting with Ali Haider’s Jeans and Guitar.

“Dr Aur billa” isn’t it an interesting name, they actually produced some good songs, and by now I have an idea to blog about the songs I like that are produce by Dr aur billa but here is one for now.

Shehzad Roy, a person who have been a reason for many people calling me Roy Azlan instead of Rai and I had to clarify every time the difference between Roy and Rai. He has created good music which I really like. Right now I am in a fix that which one should I add I mean I like many songs sung by him but I am a big fan of two of them so putting here one of them will put the other one some other time and by the way this decision was made after tossing a coin 😛

By the way can anyone guess which one is the other song by Roy that couldn’t make it this time? Any way when I have added one sad song so there is no harm in adding one more so here it is and this one is a Punjabi song and it is by Abrar ul Haq.

No comments because it’s time for Nazia Hassan’s song so here it is.

I think I have added enough for this time but I think my play list for this time cannot be complete without this beautiful song by Alamgir.

So how was it? do let me know I know as these are all my favorite songs so chances are less that all the songs be liked by all the people who visited this blog post. But do let me know who was it by adding your comments below.


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