My Brainchild on Twitter

I do not know that if ever idea about writing this post came to my mind before but since this past Thursday, I am feeling like to write something to avoid answering every week. The question, which I answer almost every week and more than one time, is “what is #FD?”, and I answer the same signature line every time.

So here, I am writing about all the Hash tags I created on twitter, well I created many but there are few that I frequently use and they are also getting popular as some other people also use them.
#AzlanKiTheory I think this one is really getting famous as if any time I forget to use it people remind me about it. This hash tag is used whenever I tweet any of my own philosophy or theory. I hope one day this #AzlanKiTheory (Azlan’s Theory) bust the myth that only Azlan can understand Azlan’s Theory.
#PkHockey my love towards Hockey is emotional because of my name and because it is the national game of Pakistan. Therefore this past hockey world cup I initiated this hash tag to show my support towards the team Pakistan. In addition, since then I am using this hash tag with the news and happenings about Pakistani Hockey team.
#FD if there can be Follow Friday then I should also make Follow Day off. That was in my mind when I started this hash tag. This is inspired by #FF but the difference is that I issue this list on my day off, just to show that these are the people on twitter who l like to spend time with on my so called weekend. I just got to know that this hash tag is being alos used by many other people in different meaning so i should change it now so from now onwards it will be #FollowDayoff.
#NanhiMuniKhwahishat it means sweet and innocent desires. I use this hash tag to express my feelings and desire towards something that is innocent and I use this tag when I find someone’s tweet falling in this category. How can I forget the best part sometime this tag is used in sarcastic meaning as well: D
#SustiRocks this is a new one and I have not used it much yet but as I am lazy at few things, so I think this one is going to be used a lot in the future, because it means Laziness Rocks.
That is it by now I can only remember these few hash tags, if I could recall some more or I initiated any new one I will write another post about it.

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