Know that more is possible than you

think if you really want and believe.
Know that your eyes can never see
as clearly as your heart
Know that wisdom is in hearing
and believing your own voice
Know that giving is never losing
and that giving freely is the semicircle
that completes itself in receiving
Know that to want nothing is as
selfish as to give nothing
Know that sharing cannot be true
unless you keep enough for yourself
Know that no one can live your pain or joy
Know that no one can tell you who
you are and that friends can only
stand by while you make your discoveries
Know that help doesn’t always appear
in the way you may expect or demand
Know that what you think you want
may be inferior to what you receive
Know that no matter who walks with
you no one can walk your journey for you
Know that often you may feel
you are walking alone
Know that you are never alone when
you know who you are


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