Largest rogue Army of the world

Largest rogue Army of the world

Brig (R) Shakir Niazi 

INDIA boasts that it is the largest democracy of the world but it fails to make a mention about its 2nd largest military organisation of the world, but the most disturbing aspect of this military machine is that this is the most corrupt and rogue organisation which has not spared it’s own citizens and fellow soldiers as well. Indian armed forces have broken all the records of human rights violations in occupied Kashmir to perpetuate India’s illegal occupation and to suppress Kashmiri’s genuine struggle for right to self-determination. They have martyred over one hundred thousand civilians, widowed more than twenty thousand women and orphaned well above one-lac Kashmiri children. To intimidate the people of Kashmir to submission, Indian troops have been using the molestation of women as a weapon of war and they have disgraced nearly ten thousand women during the last twenty years alone.
Corruption in officers has converted Indian armed forces into rogue forces. Indian Army is now the most corrupted institution in the region and in most of the cases officers even senior ones are involved in sexual harassment, bribe, selling military secrets, terrorizing and kidnapping people and smuggling weapons. Lieutenant General Avadesh Parkash, who had been the military secretary at the Army Headquarters in New Delhi till recently, was the latest in the list of the top commanders found guilty on various charges of corruption after a court of inquiry established his involvement in a land scam in Sukna Cantonment in West Bengal. He was found guilty, along with another officer of the same rank, PK Rath, who was designated the deputy chief of army staff, of conspiring to give a no-objection certificate to an educational institution to get land near the cantonment. In early 2007, two lieutenant generals of the Army Service Corps (ASC), S.K. Dahiya and S.K. Sahni, were indicted in two separate cases involving irregularities in the procurement of dry rations for troops posted in Jammu & Kashmir. In 2009, two major generals of the Army Ordinance Corps (AOC), Anand Swaroop and S.P. Sinha, faced separate charges of irregularities in the purchase of stores. In an extraordinary case of sexual harassment, Major General A.K. Lal, who was commanding a division on India-China border, was found guilty by a military court in 2008 of the charges levelled against him by a captain serving under him. Lal was dismissed from the service. In 2006, Major General Gur Iqbal Singh Multani was dismissed from service and was sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for attempting to smuggle large quantities of liquor meant for army canteens to his hometown.
The list of officers facing charges of indiscipline and corruption include Major General B.P.S. Mander, who was charged with irregularities in the procurement of dry rations. Two other major generals, K.T.G. Nambiar and Rana Goswami, were convicted of financial irregularities in a case relating to the Central Command. The attitude of the Indian Armed forces is harsh not only at home but also at the international level. In 2007, a Lieutenant Colonel and two Majors were arrested by the South African police after a women resident of Plettenberg Bay in Pretoria charges them with rape. Indian troops, who were part of peacekeeping missions in Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ethiopia and Lebanon, were also found involved in rape cases. Another dangerous aspect of the roguishness of Indian armed forces is their close links with extremist groups including RSS, Bajrang Dal and Shiva Sena for targeting the members of minority communities in the country. A glaring example of such links is Lieutenant Colonel, Shrikant Purohit, who was involved in Malegaon blasts in 2008 and Samjhauta Express explosions in 2007 in which several people, majority of them Muslims, were killed.
The situation is so alarming that even young Indian married officers hesitate to bring their families to the functions where their senior officers could be present, as most of the senior officers are found out of their senses as a result of excessive boozing. The army personnel victimize the female colleague officers and young local girls. The media reports have revealed that Indian Army has deployed around 200 prostitutes under the cover of Border Security Force’s constables along the Line of Control to reduce stress and frustration level of the troops deployed in occupied Kashmir.
Taken from: Daily Mail


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