Eye of Sherlock

Benazir Bhutto; "The Daughter of East"

Benazir Bhutto; “The Daughter of East”

For last many days the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto has become the hottest topic on media every one is coming up with some latest updates. One of my Xpert is quite optimistic as he says,” I think, even if government is not ready to do so, this media will bring some result out of the sack”. Every day experiencing new updates make me feel as if I am watching some suspense thriller.

Oh it just remind me that three days back I watched Sherlock Holmes (movie), though I did not like it much as the character of Holmes was distorted he was more of a comedian then a detective.

Well keep the movie apart I really like this character Sherlock Holmes, though he is an imaginary character but his methods are practicable in real life. Making the list of all the beneficiaries would be his first step, he would also check the crime scene with a ample focus and most of the times he gets a clue leading to the criminal. Read both of the rules again and then think if they are not practicable in real world scenario. And after you come to a decision think again if these rules are applied on the case of BB.

When I was kid I was asked what I want to be (Barhy ho ker Kya bano gay) and DETECTIVE was the answer of mine, even today the bug in my self keep pinching me on this. No wonder that I have interest in the subject of Criminal Psychology, it has never been my subject but what ever I learned its pure observation and result of detective novels and movies.

One thing is sure about every criminal, he tries harder to make sure that no one is paying any attention to him and trying this makes him leave a mistake behind.

Washing out the crime scene is the question being raised again and again. This was clearly an attempt to put  a blanket on the second rule of Sherlock Holmes. Recently two more factors have been added in this investigation one is the Dupata (veil) of BB, it has become a question that where has that dupata gone?

The other, is the fact that who is custodian of the Black Berry of BB?

Well these questions are important, however, sometimes I wonder why the so called companions of BB left the crime scene in a speed that can be compared to “The Flash.”

After reading and watching almost every thing on this issue I think there are two points that are being overlooked, the whole chapter been written on the Karsaz incident (27th Oct, 2007) Mr. Zardari called BB multiple times and directed her to stay alert as any thing can happen.

A senior analyst asks that why Mr. Zardari did not find any reason to call BB on 27th December 2007, was he not worried at that time.

The same analyst says that in the mid of December 2007, Javaid Malik of ARY- News interviewed BB. She suddenly got annoyed when Javaid asked her, “When Mr. Zardari will be going back to Pakistan?”

“If I recall that interview, I realize a big Yes!!! BB’s tone was changed while she was answering the question”, says the same analyst.

The testament of BB that come out after her assassination in which se declared Mr. Zardari as her “Political Successor”, was written even before the Karsaz Incident, I believe if that interview is having something which is being identified then this interview must also be taken into the investigation. However the eye of Sherlock Holmes might be required to avoid overlooking.


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