"those who met on the way"…. Soban Akram

in my life i met so many people and hardly i could forget those with whom i had great time and the length of time can even be of few seconds. i still remember those faces especially kids whom i smiled at standing on traffic signal and the list goes on. one of the regret i have in my life is the fact that for many years i have been one of the most anti social person; that is the reason that i am out of touch of many people who i still remember but cant contact them.

may be this was the reason which brought a change in me and i became bit social as i am today, the people i met in last year and a half i am still able to be in touch with them some way or the other. today when its been a year that i am active on the web e.g. Facebook and twitter i am thinking about the people whom i met on this amazing platform. only i know that i am missing all those people right now sitting in office… there is some issue in the system and i ma having the greatest ready time ever.

i decided to write for and about all those people i met in this year long time either on web or any where else. well i have written about two here and here. this time i am writing for the person i met back in November, and since then i can count the time number of times i personally but the positive vibes of the person make him one of the favorite persons in my friends list. i am talking about Captain Soban Akram, a great guy witty friendly and passionate one more thing he is also mad like me and the reason for this madness in mutual— Pakistan.

thanx to Facebook i got to know that he is taking exams for the promotion and 2-3 days back i got to know that he is leaving Lahore for two months and going to Queta.

i don’t know why i feel like he is being posted somewhere else after two months. where ever he goes i just want to wish him all the best in coming life and may Allah bless him with all those things which he desire for. well let me confess i am missing him as Lahore is Mines a good person for last 2-3 days. Captain you have been the person in my friend list who made this party no more rocking by leaving the scene but i know that we will remain in touch and thanx for one of the greatest gift of ICT Facebook and one more thing i want to share that there is a feeling deep down in my heart that one day we will meat again but life is the only condition to it….

will Miss you Soban Bro.

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