Divide and Rule

It might be one of the oldest way of controlling the masses by dividing them into certain class or sect. The people of this region are facing this factor for a very long time. British is said to be the ruler who officially used it in this region to keep a strong hold over here for as long as it can. It is another story that how we gained the freedom after facing a twin edge sword.

It was 10th Moharam today, it is said to be one of the most important date of Islamic/Lunar calendar, and most of the important incidents took place on this date over a long period of time. However the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Husain (R.A) and his companions gave this date a significant red color, and this color is the symbol of the blood shed. It was a great act of bravery by Hazrat Imam Husain (R.A) to stand against an unjust ruler, a ruler who was totally incapable to hold the position which he was claiming for. No doubt the, the chapter of Karbala gave another life to Islam.

Today when I switched on the TV a bad news was already waiting for me. Blast at M.A. Jinnah road, Karachi, it was the main Procession of Ashoor (10th Muharam) held by the Shia Muslims, and this gathering was ruined by the loud and clear voice and effect of blast. About 50 injured and near 25 deaths are the so far outcome of this act of cowardness and cruelty. We all know a single loss of life as a loss of many lives. Such acts of terrorism are performed by the people who are unaware of what a religion called and what it teaches.

It might have been a try to create rioting between Shis and Sunnis as these two brothers have always been very rowdy towards one another. I maintain it was a try to “divide and rule”. It is not for the first time such attempt been made. Tight security measures in the days of Muharam are a proof that there is a chance of miss hap and there is a history of such acts.

All credit goes to Zia ul Haq, he was not only the founder of Taliban but also he used “divide and rule” formula to keep his position and his uniform safe. He was the one who divided the Muslims in Shia and Sunni and put us in a meaningless fight. He made us Brailwi and Deobandi to create an air of confusion. What else I can mention over here his whole era which is better known as darkest era of Pakistani history is full with such divides and we all know how he ruled.

Today these terrorist figures are following the steps of their God Father by creating an air full of a gas which creates hate among the people. Who creates discrimination among two Muslim brothers on the grounds of sect, e.g. Shia and Sunni. It’s the time that we must open our eyes and not only to face but also defeat this common enemy. As far as our own contradictions are concerned we can fight on them later but the need of hour is to create a sense of harmony, brotherhood and unity among all the Pakistanis, especially Muslims who are ready to be classified in the terms of sect.

Originally wrote for: MY Land Pakistan


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