Tomb of Mother Eve

Tomb of Mother Eve in Jeddah

The mankind starts from here the religion starts from here.This is the starting point of humanity.If one wished to know about religion he or she should start his /her travel from here towards the right path.More information is available in many books and on NET.According to Arab tradition, Eve, the mother of all mankind, is buried near Jeddah, along the Red Sea. The site has been revered for such a long time that it’s origin is shrouded in legend and mystery. The tradition pre-dates Mohammed by many centuries. It seems Adam and Eve lived the last part of their lives separated, and Adam ended up in Ceylon, where the faithful can find his tomb. Adam had something to do with the erection of the shrine at Mecca, then he left for other parts of the world. Eve came here to Jeddah, the port for pilgrims heading to Mecca, 38 miles away to the east. She was buried about a mile north of town.

The tomb is of an unusual shape, being almost 400 feet long and only ten feet wide. The common legend has it that Eve was one hundred and eighteen feet tall. The proportions of the burial tomb causes problems unless Eve was exceedingly thin. In any case, there is a small whitewashed shrine at each end of the site, with a third small shrine in the center. The central shrine is also whitewashed, and the faithful have penciled in their names. The thousands of names extend as high as a man can reach and covers the entire outer surface.

This tomb is readily accessible to the Muslims. The few Christians living in Jeddah are, for all practical purposes, confined to their neighborhood during the pilgrimage season [all summer]. While there is no restriction against a Christian entering the temenos of Eve’s Tomb, it certainly is not encouraged.


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