Those Who Met On The Way: Dedicated To Salman Mehmood #skdev

I don’t know how to start this. The news I received this noon, right after signing in to twitter, was sad enough that make me speechless. I came to know and got familiar with many people after coming to twitter. Salman AKA skdev is one of them. No doubt that I do not know much about him as many other twitter fellows. I would like to thank Discomoulvi whoseblog post have been helpful for me to know Salman and his great fight againstthalassemia.

I came across to Salman ever since he was hospitalized as I saw many tweetsabout him and his condition. The thing I did after praying for his health was to know more about him; I visited and viewed his blog (Salman Nama). During knowing him the thing impressed me most was his fight against thalassemia as FAITH FOUNDATION, and his dedication towards his web developing job.

Today when I know much about him I really wanted him to get well as I wanted to have him my friend, he is no more with us. I believe that I will always remember him as an unknown friend. He was a great person. I can say that because I always had a way to distinguish how good a person is. I believe to know what kind of people have good views about a particular person, & what sort of people are in the circle of friend. In all these five days or so; I have found Salman a great person indeed.

I want to pay my condolence to Sister Ayesha and the parents of Salman. I pray that Allah give enough patience to face this grief. May Allah bless Salman’s soul with peace and the best reward for his good deeds. May the Almighty eases the further stages of his.

We will never forget u Salman. Your cause will make u alive.


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