Life is about growth, which is wonderful,

Life is about growth, which is wonderful,

though not always easy.

Many of life’s lessons can be painful or difficult.

 But those challenges are often the ones that

present the most opportunity for spiritual growth.

Our opportunities for growth come in many forms.

 In fact, every challenge in life is an opportunity

to learn and grow. While these disruptions

 in life are not easy, they are necessary.
We may be asked to let go of old safety measures,

 shift old patterns of behavior, or step into the

 abyss of the unknown.

When we do rise to the occasion, we end up

better off for having made that journey.

Not only do we end up learning and growing,

 but we inevitably become more compassionate to

the challenges of others and wiser in the ways of

the world.

When we are in the midst of a growing period,

 it is not easy to see our reward, but it is there,

 waiting for us to grow big enough to reach it.



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