I Sulute u all

it has just been three days back we suffered ad a black day in the history of our contry and sports.
but still it looks like a nightmare which has ended or will end soon.
but unfortunately its a reality a cruel reality that some black sheep are despirate to ruin the name and status of our country. it was an attack on the friendship of Pakistan and Sri-lanka attack on the the most beloved sport of this nation.
where the driver of the bus which was carrying the cricketers (i have forgotten the name) has become a hero there we just can’t forget what the Jawans of Elit force of police did the defended the pride of our country by giving away there life and em brassed a life of honor and a life which will never end yes the life of Shaheed.
I salute u all yes i salute u all the heroes and Myrters of 03/03
and to do this i visited that spot where it all happens after leaving my humble tribute taking some pix and talking o the people there i was actually feeling very proud i don’t know why the feelings i was carrying through out the way were matchless.
i think i cant write more than this but still on prayer is left
ALLAH! Please Bless this land this earth and whole Islamic world with peace …. Ameen


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