Mr Shahzad Roy "an inspiration”

i like to listen to music and i like few people since my child hood and shahzad roy is one of those people. i remember that i was in totally in love with all the songs of his first album. and since than i like his songs and his “tera mukhra haseen’ is my all time favorite one.

well his singing skills are not the only reason for me to write this blog. a few days back i was watching his interview on ary digital. well i m totally impressed by his passion about his trust and educating poor children of the nation.

the way he describes his life and said that he is living a zero glamorous life. after imran khan i have seen this young guy so much passionate about his trust and his social work. i truly wish that he become successful in his aims. and many other people come up with same ideas.

and one thing he said and i m completely agree with “qom ko khana sehat or taleem dena koi inqlab lana nahi hota ye hakoomat ki zima dari hay”

after listening to all he said he is in the list of celebs i truly respect and to me no hes is “MR SHAHZAD ROY AN INSPIRATION”


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