the new beginning with some old memories

tomorrow I am going back to college yes the rest period after the exams is over and my b com part 2 is going to start. life is taking some rapid changes but my backache is still there to punish me to put me in pain. at this time when i am thinking about going back to class tomorrow and meeting some familiar faces honestly i dont like some of them but still i have to be with them one more year. the month of ramadan is going good tough it strted with the biggest electric break down i have ever scene whole country was waiting to get electric power back.
my going back to college is not a big reason for me to write this the biggest reason is the date of tomorrow 8th octuber 2006. last year on the same day i was in the class listening to accounting lecture when earth started to shack up and the coming days news informed me what actually had happened. those jolts and sights of the earthquake effected areas are still fresh in my memories. we as living nation did a lot, international bodies helped a lot but still a new south couldnot be erected. something that disturbs me a lot. coming years will come up with many questions what could have bee done and what actually being delivered.

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